Friday, February 1, 2019

Amazon Find Friday

Starting a fun new series today, where I’ll share all my favorite Amazon finds. I order SO much from Amazon these days. Things for me, my husband, our baby boy, and our home! Amazon really has everything, but sometimes you have to do some virtual digging! Tune in on Fridays to see my favorites! Here are my top five today, all things I’ve ordered recently! They're all linked for easy shopping. 
(this post does contain affiliate links!)

These 32oz amber glass bottles arrived the other day and they are great quality. I have switched our laundry detergent recently, and I am using these bottles for soap storage. They are working great! 

I recently ordered this ball (in the 65cm) for labor, and it is great. I've been bouncing and rolling around on it every day since I got it. It actually lives in our living room currently and is my go-to chair. I'm looking forward to having it in the delivery room. 
LOVE these burp cloths. They are so big and really soft too, and the price point is just the best. I have two packs already, and if I need any more, these are the ones I'll be getting. 
This ginger spread is a favorite around the house. It's great on toast and ginger is good for so many things. 
This blender bottle is amazing! I got it for Chris recently, and we both love it. It's insulated so it keeps the hot drinks hot, and the cold drinks cold! We will be ordering more!