Friday, January 18, 2019

Fit Friday No.1 (Pregnancy Recap)

Here we are in 2019, it's the end of January, and before I let the whole month get away from me, I thought I'd share a little. Last year I made a commitment to document my fitness journey. This commitment ended sometime in early summer, when I found out I was pregnant, and quickly lost all energy for anything fitness related. The first five months of last year were really life changing for me though. I was able to gain a ton of muscle, while still losing almost 30 pounds and over 12 inches. Doing this helped me in so many ways, and I am so thankful I was able to get in decent shape before getting pregnant.
Fast forward, the first few months of pregnancy hit hard, and I didn't step foot in the gym for a little over two months. At 16 weeks I was able to make it to the gym, on occasion, and I was able to add in long (2-3 mile) walks/jogs around my neighborhood a couple days a week. Around 22 weeks I was back pretty full force in the gym, probably getting in 3-4 really good workouts a week and still doing some walks outdoors during the week.
Here I am now, at 38 weeks pregnant. My gym membership officially went on hold this week. (The gym is expensive and I'm not paying for it if I'm not using it!) I'm sad that I won't get to spend the next couple weeks lifting weights, but I plan to still walk 4-5 days a week until this little guy decides to show up.
Now let me drop a little truth, especially if you're pregnant or planning to become pregnant. This wasn't easy. I have been busting my butt, and going even when I'm tired, although definitely listening to my body and stopping when needed. I did all of this with the approval of my doctor, and I couldn't have done it had I not had those several months of foundation in the gym before. That being said, it has been the most amazing thing for me physically, but especially mentally. I feel great, I feel accomplished, and I feel excited about getting my body back. I feel confident and strong enough to go through labor. I have gained less than 20 pounds this whole pregnancy, and this baby is at least 7 and a half of those pounds!

I am excited to welcome this little boy into the world, and I'm excited to begin the journey of getting my body back in even better shape than it was before. The best part of this whole journey and process, is that instead of feeling pressured to get back, I'm excited for it. Thats what weight lifting has done for me. I'll be taking a little hiatus, but stick with me this year as I share my journey to my best shape ever.

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