Thursday, November 15, 2018

Third Trimester Goals

Third trimester. 
I can’t believe it's actually here. The beginning of my pregnancy seemed to drag on forever, and then all of the sudden I felt better, and the days have been flying by! I’ve kind of lost myself in this pregnancy, especially when it comes to getting things done, so I thought it would be wise to do a goals post.

Third Trimester Goals

Exercise as much as possible
My goal is 3-4 days a week, and just to stay as active as I can these last couple months!

Have lots of date nights
I know these will be few and far between soon, so I want to really make them a priority these last couple months before the two of us become the three of us. We have a few festive date nights planned with friends during the holiday season already. 

Finish hypnobirthing courses
I've downloaded the tracks through iTunes and just began listening to them.

Prepare a mailing list for birth announcements
(Also a phone list of all the people we will inform before we announce to the world!)

Stock up on household items/food supplies
Ideally I'd love to make a few freezer meals, but at the very least I want to plan some very easy meal ideas/grocery lists, as well as stock up on things like laundry soap, toilet paper, bath products, etc.

If you've been in my shoes, what did you try to accomplish during that last trimester? Am I leaving anything out!? Tell me below in the comments!!

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