Friday, November 30, 2018

12 Must Have Books For Kids This Holiday Season

Today I'm sharing 12 of my most favorite books for kids during this holiday season. As a nanny to two boys I feel like I have pretty much read all the books. The boys have a huge collection, and we regularly hit up the library for even more. We do a lot of reading around here! As a Mama to be, I have already started stocking up on all the books, and I love having special books to pull out for the holidays! I'm ordering several of these now in anticipation for next Christmas and future Christmas seasons. I'll pack them up with our Christmas decor this year, so they will be a nice little surprise for him next year! Obviously some of these will be for a few Christmases down the road! Ha! All of these books are linked so you can add to your little ones collection, and they're all really affordable. Any of them would make a great gift for a little one in your life! I love the tradition of wrapping one up to open on Christmas Eve to read before bed time! That just might be a tradition we start in a year or two! 
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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Third Trimester Goals

Third trimester. 
I can’t believe it's actually here. The beginning of my pregnancy seemed to drag on forever, and then all of the sudden I felt better, and the days have been flying by! I’ve kind of lost myself in this pregnancy, especially when it comes to getting things done, so I thought it would be wise to do a goals post.

Third Trimester Goals

Exercise as much as possible
My goal is 3-4 days a week, and just to stay as active as I can these last couple months!

Have lots of date nights
I know these will be few and far between soon, so I want to really make them a priority these last couple months before the two of us become the three of us. We have a few festive date nights planned with friends during the holiday season already. 

Finish hypnobirthing courses
I've downloaded the tracks through iTunes and just began listening to them.

Prepare a mailing list for birth announcements
(Also a phone list of all the people we will inform before we announce to the world!)

Stock up on household items/food supplies
Ideally I'd love to make a few freezer meals, but at the very least I want to plan some very easy meal ideas/grocery lists, as well as stock up on things like laundry soap, toilet paper, bath products, etc.

If you've been in my shoes, what did you try to accomplish during that last trimester? Am I leaving anything out!? Tell me below in the comments!!
Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Amazon Christmas

Christmas is coming, y'all! In the spirit of making things as easy and stress free as can be, I thought I'd share an Amazon inspired Christmas list. What's better than being able to order everything with a couple clicks, all from the same place!? Maybe doing it from your couch, with a mug of peppermint hot chocolate and a Christmas movie in the background? 

For her...
1.This beautiful, and affordable, scarf that will probably match everything she wears this season. 2. I love how gorgeous this diffuser is, perfect for any oil lover. 3. These ugg slippers are a little more of a splurge, but they're so comfy and classic.

For him...
1. This Bose speaker is small but gets loud, perfect for around the house, by the pool, or when he's working on God knows what in the garage. 2. I love this classic North Face jacket. This is an investment piece in my opinion, he can wear it for many winters to come! 3. These headphones are my husband's favorite. He's had the wired ones for years, so this Christmas he's getting these upgraded wireless ones!

For the teen...

1. A shower speaker for the music lover. 2. Teens are loving these polaroid cameras. This "avocado" color is cool for girls and guys! 3. An Amazon echo for the tech loving teen. 

For the kids..

1. I love this kids teepee, the perfect spot to hide out or read some books. 2. This play kitchen in white is so classic and cool, and sure to get tons of use! 3. Pie Face! This is such a fun little game both little boys and girls just love!

If you need more ideas, I've linked up today with Jessi and Brittany in part of the ultimate Christmas gift guide! I hope all my picks give you a little help or at least some inspiration for all those hard to shop for friends and family members.. and I hope you're sitting down with your hot cocoa and your Christmas movie, and getting all this shopping done from your couch today! All items can be shopped by tapping on the photo. This post does contain affiliate links! Also, I heard a little rumor that Amazon is offering free shipping this season, even for non prime members! So shop away with no shipping today! Happy shopping friends!!