Thursday, August 2, 2018

August Goals

It’s been a few months since I’ve done a goals post. Partially because I was keeping my pregnancy under wraps, but mostly because I’ve been in no shape to cross off, or even make, any goals. My one and only goal has been to stay alive, and make it through one day at a time. Pregnancy, y’all! I’ll be sharing all about that soon, but today I thought I would jump back in and share some goals for the month of August.

Celebrate my hubby’s birthday!
It’s today! I’m extra excited about this because this year I actually get to see him. Most years we’re working opposite shifts so we wouldn’t even see each other. 

Celebrate some good friends of ours getting married.
They’re having an evening wedding, and I’m hoping I can hang past 8pm.

Decide on a name for our little one!
Not putting a ton of pressure on this, but I’m hoping we can decide sooner, rather than later.

Blog steadily
I’m hoping I can get back on here regularly. The fatigue has been strong, but I’m ready to be back! If you have anything you’d like to hear from me, drop it in the comments! 

That’s about all I can handle this month! 
What goals do you have this month!?

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