Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Destin: Part 1

Today I'm sharing all about our trip to Destin! First, you should know, we had never been there before, and secondly, you should know it is now in the top two of favorite places I've ever been. In my heart it's tied with Telluride, Colorado, which is obviously somewhere that is in no way similar, (I just love both places) but enough about that! Our good friends decided to have a destination wedding on the beach in Destin, and we attended, and stayed at a beach house with the wedding party. This spot wasn't high on my vacation spot wish list, especially since we we're just in Mexico at the beach less than six months ago, so thanks to Eric and Amanda, for giving us a reason to go! From the moment we pulled in to town, I was completely in love. We stayed in a beach house on Mirmar Beach, in an area where the beach was "reserved" for us and a few other houses, so it was pretty empty. The sand was a soft, cool, and beautiful white. Pictures and videos can't even capture the beauty of the beaches there, but that didn't stop me from trying. We enjoyed this little spot so much, and I am already daydreaming of going back just the two of us, and going back with our future babies in tow. This is the kind of place you want to visit every year, forever. Today I'll share some of the beach, and the wedding Chris was a groomsman in, and I'm going to share all the fun places we ate in another post coming soon! (Because there are a lot!)

We got in to town before we were able to check in to the beach house, so Lulu's was our first stop! I was obviously super happy to be in Florida! 
(More on this in part 2!)
We checked in to the beautiful beach house (photo via ocean reef resorts) and of course we quickly dropped our things and headed for a look at the beach!
 This sand, this water, this view! These photos don't really even do it justice, but they instantly take me back to how perfect it was! Do you see how white that sand is!? It was cool, and soft, and it put every beach I've ever been to, to shame! 
I attempted to capture how clear the water was. You could walk out so far, and still see straight through it!
 That evening we had the welcome/rehearsal dinner at the beach house!
 The next morning we couldn't find a local gym that was even somewhat affordable, so we hit the beach for a run. We were basically the only ones out on the beach and it was so nice!
 Because (of course) Chris left something he needed for the wedding at home, we ventured out to Bass Pro Shop. We have one of these at home, so it was nothing new for us, but the giant shark made for a cool photo.
 These boys! 
 Eric and Chris have been friends for 7 or 8 years, and in the early years of us dating, we were definitely the three amigos! He was a groomsman at our wedding, and Chris was happy to be one at his. 
 Is this not the most gorgeous spot for a wedding!? 

This is the moment, I put the phone down, and enjoyed the night with my husband and friends! The next three days were spent mostly in the pool, really only getting out to go eat! Part 2 will include all the good eats! 

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