Tuesday, April 3, 2018

April Goals

I'm a little late to the party this month, but ya'll it's been crazy busy around here, so I'm going to call it a win that this goals post is even going live the first week of the month! Ha! Seriously, March was so crazy, and April and May are sure to be as well!

March Goals

Continue decluttering 
(hopefully this month I'll actually get it done!)
Are you ever really done decluttering!? I definitely made serious progress this month though, so I feel like this goal gets a big fat check mark!
Order Chris' groomsman gear for two upcoming weddings
Attend a bridal shower for a sweet friend!
I loved getting to celebrate my sweet friend Lea at her bridal shower!
Begin packing for our move in June
The packing has begun. I'm currently just packing up things like winter clothes and home decor. I will continue this in April, but it will be my primary goal in May!
Prioritize and list to-do's for the next few months for the blog and life
I have a so many lists going at the moment. We have so much going on in the coming months, and I have some fun things coming to the blog! I hope to be a lot more present here over the next few months!

April Goals

Weekend trip to Corpus!

Prep for two upcoming weddings.
Chris is a groomsman in both, and I'm a bridesmaid in one!

Five days in Florida!
(I will have some Florida/vacation posts next month!)

Cheers to a new month, a fresh new start, and hopefully a lot of things accomplished in these next four weeks! 

What are your goals this month!?

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