Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Easy Easter Baskets

Today's Girl Chat link up is a bit of a stretch for me. Since I'm not doing Easter baskets for probably a few years, I'm just going to dream of the day that I have sweet little ones to start this fun tradition for, and I'll link a few items I love. I so can't wait for the days of surprising my future babies with little things like this. Easter is such a special time to me. It is obviously about so much more than a bunny and eggs, and while I think there is so much importance in teaching the meaning of Easter, a basket of goodies is such a sweet little treat. I remember growing up and being so excited to come home from church to yard full of eggs on Easter Sunday! It's such a great memory!

With holidays like this, I don't tend to go over the top. I always try to get things that are practical. I do this now with the boys I nanny and with the little ones in my family. I'm just never one to give a million toys, or a ton of sweet treats, mostly because I watch children for a living, so I know how fast they move on from a toy, and I know how crazy sugar can make them, ha! I didn't link any but I would definitely throw a few treats in an Easter basket. Maybe a little (hollow) chocolate bunny or some jelly jeans!  As you can tell, books are definitely a go-to for me! All items are direct linked, just click on the picture, and I worked hard to make sure everything was really affordable. I feel like most of these items are things I would buy for spring anyway, so why not throw them in to a cute little basket and make it a special gift. You could even throw in some spring clothes for your little one!
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1. I am a Bunny-This was one of my favorite books as a child.
2. Little Blue Truck's Springtime- these blue truck books are just adorable! (There's one for every season!)
3. Sunrise, Easter Surprise- I love how this one teaches little ones the meaning of Easter.
4. Easter Sticker and Activity book- These are a great little activity.
5. Bubble wands- Because bubbles are endless entertainment, especially on a nice spring day.
6. Stuffed Bunny- I love this sweet little Melissa & Doug bunny.
7. Umbrellas- A practical spring time purchase
8. Sunglasses- Another purchase you'd probably make anyway, plus how cute are these tiny aviators! They come in many colors!

If you're looking for more Easter Basket ideas, head over and follow along with all the girls that linked up!

What is your favorite thing about Easter!?
Do you celebrate with Easter baskets!?


  1. It's so true, kids never really stick with one toy. Sunglasses are a must in our basket and you can never go wrong with bubble wands. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

    1. Right!? Toys just never keep their interest for long, and the boys I watch still haven't gotten into all their Christmas toys yet! We play bubbles every day around here, and they're currently wearing my sunglasses practically every time they get in the car!

  2. I keep seeing umbrellas pop up for baskets - such a great idea! And my nephew loves Little Blue Truck - pretty sure my mom has the Springtime book in his basket!

    1. All of the Little Blue Truck books are so great!

  3. I almost bought the little blue trucks book for the girls as well. So cute. I love the idea of sunglasses and umbrellas. Thanks for linking up!

    1. I totally think its a great book for both girls and boys! The Christmas one is my favorite, the last page lights up! The boys I nanny want it year round!