Thursday, February 1, 2018

February Goals

Finally, February is here! Anyone else feel like January lasted forever and ever!? I think I mostly feel this way because of all the germs and sickness floating around, and because it was cold! I never got sick, but Chris had the flu, and both boys I nanny were sick off and on the whole month. I am just ready for this season to end, y'all! Anyway, a little look back at last month's goals, and a look forward to this month's!

January Goals
Complete a squat challenge
I wrote about this in my monthly fitness check-in here, but basically, it was a fail! 
Start eating healthier again
We've been eating pretty healthy around here lately! Lots of chicken, and tonsss of veggies! I cook our lunches for the week on Sunday. Dinner is usually very light and simple. I've been making lots of protein smoothies, and lots of omelets with veggies!
Declutter our clothing situation
I don't know if I should be checking this one off, but I'm going to. I made a ton of progress in this area this month. I donated three trash bags full, and packed away three large totes of stuff that we aren't currently wearing but feel confident we will again. Things like Chris' golfing clothes and some of my dresses. We have so much, that even after a purge, I feel like I need to purge again, so I will probably keep working on this!  

Moving on...

February Goals

Continue decluttering our closets
(and move on to the rest of our home)

Finalize all the plans for our trip to Florida

Start planning a May getaway

Work HARD on my fitness
(I'm ready to see results!)

Still keeping it pretty simple this month!
Tell me some of your goals this month down in the comments!!

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