Tuesday, January 16, 2018

How I stay healthy through cold & flu season

We're right in the middle of winter, and with that, comes flu season! Yuck! I hate getting sick and unless you're crazy, you do to! As a nanny, and former preschool teacher, I am no stranger to germs. I have always had a job that has put me at a higher risk for getting sick. Even though I'm not a parent and I can technically "call in sick" I definitely don't. I haven't had a sick day in four years or so! So what do I do to stay healthy!? I don't believe there is just one magic thing you can do, but the combination I use seems to do the trick, at least most of the time! Just last week, my super healthy, never gets sick husband came home with the flu. I took care of him like the good little wife I am (or try to be!) and in three days, with no tamiflu, he was better, and I had managed not to catch it! Now for the things that keep me healthy! Go me!
First and foremost, water! On a normal day I drink over 100 oz. of water, but when I feel something coming on, or even if I'm just around a sick husband, friend, or kiddos at work, I up my water intake. Sometimes I'll add lemon to it, but I usually reserve the lemons for when I am pretty sure I've caught the bug!
Secondly, I take a daily vitamin with added immunity. I take these ones. They're super good gummies and I have taken them for years now! (Chris does too!)
Another thing I do that we all should be doing anyway, is hand washing. I'll wash my hands a hundred times a day at work! I don't use sanitizer. To me there's just no substitute for soap and water, and actually washing the germs away! Everything you touch has germs, wash those hands before you put them to your mouth, etc.

Next up! For years I have been sucking on these Halls Vitamin C Defense drops! My grandmother actually used to give them to me as a child and tell me they were candy. I actually love them and think they taste so good. Also, I hate cough drops, so if you do to, these are nothing like them. I promise! I used these last week when Chris had the flu because he said it started with a sore throat. We both had them throughout the day. 

Now, my newest germ fighter and immune booster is essential oils. I am still learning and exploring different oils, but I am definitely seeing results with them and really beginning to believe in their powers! I started trying them out just a little a few years ago (and I thought it helped) but I didn't really dive in. However, over the summer, my close friend helped me switch all my cleaning products to essential oils and I have since began using more. Since the boys I nanny have been sick off and on, and since the flu is so horrible in my area, I have been diffusing On Guard (it's a DoTerra oil) as well as putting it on my wrists a few times throughout the day!
*If you want to know more about essential oils please let me know. I'd be happy to answer questions without trying to sell you something (I don't sell it!) and maybe I'll even do a whole post dedicated to it.. but I don't want to get too off topic here so I'm going to leave it at that!*

These five things really help me stay healthy!
Here's to hoping they can help you too!

Have you been sick this winter?
What do you do to stay healthy!? 

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