Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Little Valentines Day Gift Guide

Today I'm sharing a few Valentine's Day gift ideas! In my world, this holiday isn't something we celebrate big, but we usually gift each other just a little something sweet. If you're wanting something small and sweet, these gifts are a great alternative to the traditional flowers and chocolates. Also, for the kids, I'm sharing books. I don't think this holiday warrants a toy, and for me, you can never have too many books for little ones, so I'm sharing two of my favorites! 

These items are all quick linked (just tap the photo!) and this post does contain affiliate links, at no cost to you! Actually most of it is at a heavily discounted price! Yay! Descriptions below! 
Happy Shopping! 
1. The I love you Blanket. Chris got me an I love you blanket (almost identical) for our first Valentine's Day together. This is definitely the most loved and used present he's given me. I keep it on our couch, and use it almost daily. I love it so much, I think everyone needs one. 
2. The White Volcano Candle. All of these candles smell amazing, and I think the white one is pretty for Valentine's Day. These are my go-to gift right now. I want them all! They smell just heavenly!
3.The Engraved wallet card. I gave Chris one of these years ago. It has held up well and stays in his wallet. It's such a sweet, personal little gift. 
4. The Fancy Comb. (This is currently in my Amazon cart!) I love that it's wooden and comes with a slim little carrying pouch,  and in a nice little gift box. Practical, and something I know my guy will appreciate and use! 
5. I did a different version of one of these little books for Chris one time. It's fill in the blank which enables you to make it as sweet or as funny as you want. You could give it to absolutely anyone on your list and personalize it any way you'd like. 
6. Llama Llama! All the Llama books are so sweet, and this is one of my absolute favorites!
7. Pete the Cat. All Pete the Cat books are too cool for school, and this one is no exception. This one is a current favorite for the boys I nanny. 

Valentine's Day is just two weeks from today, so get to shopping! 

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day!?
Do you gift big or small??

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