Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 Bucket List

At the beginning of each year, Chris and I sit down and talk. We do a little brainstorming and planning about the year ahead and what we want to accomplish both together and separately. I just feel like this really helps us keep focus, and actually makes things happen. I thought I'd share a recap of our joint bucket list from 2017 too. We completed all but one item on our list last year! We're just gonna roll it on over to 2018 and plan on having an extra busy year!  
Long weekend in San Antonio 
Go to the Texas State Fair
Visit my granny in the Panhandle
Visit Mexico

See Tom Petty and Joe Walsh in concert
Visit Seattle
(we failed at this one!)

This year we have a lot we want to do. We are putting it all on the list in hopes it will happen, but it's likely that something will have to give, because it's just a lot of travel.

Visit friends in Seattle
Attend a wedding in Destin
Visit our cabin in Colorado
South Carolina with our second family
Begin house hunting (or buy!)

We have many more (more personal) goals, but these are the fun ones! We are hoping for a productive 2018 full of lots of fun and some big changes. Two big things we are looking forward to (one being the Destin trip) are our two favorite couples tying the knot! This isn't really on our "bucket list" but I'm so excited for it! They're two big events that will definitely get crossed off, and that I am really looking forward to. One thing I am sad about is that there is no "see Tom Petty in concert" on this list for the first time in many years. That has been a favorite annual date night for years, and I'm so sad we will never have that experience again! Anyways, that's our bucket list! Cheers to a great new year!

Do you make an annual bucket list? 
What's something you want to accomplish this year?

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