Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Whats Up Wednesday

What we’re eating this week
Umm.. gimme all the sugar! After months of no cookie dough I finally tried a shop with "safe to eat" dough, and I've definitely been missing out! 

 What I’m reminiscing about
 Everything. I’ve been really reflecting on the last five years with Chris. We have gone through so much, and I really cherish all the moments. I know everything is about to change so I’ve been really soaking up as many moments with him as I can.

 What I’m loving
Feeling my little boy kicking away in my belly. I don't think I could ever get tired of this feeling. Also, I'm loving learning about and using oils!

 What we’ve been up to
SO MUCH! Between getting ready for the holidays and a new baby, I feel like we haven't stopped and our to-do list has been never ending!

 What I’m dreading
Nothing currently! I probably should say labor, but I'm not focusing on that too much!  

What I’m working on
Getting our boy's room finished (post about that coming soon!) and getting everything else ready for his arrival.

 What I’m excited about
The holidays! Seeing lots of family, eating all the yummy food, and hopefully really enjoying our last holiday season before we become a family of three. Although, let's be real, I'm already sooo excited for this time next year! 

 What I am watching/reading
I'm really loving A Million Little Things! I also just binged the entire series of American Housewife and it's hilarious!

What I’m listening to
Lots of Tom Petty. I also just got us tickets to Paul McCartney, and his new cd will be coming in the mail any day now. I'm really excited to listen to it!

What I’m wearing
Living in sweatshirts and maternity jeans, but here's a photo from our maternity shoot! I love this (non-maternity) top from Banana Republic!

What I’m doing this weekend
It's the last weekend before Christmas, so finishing up last minute things, but mostly spending time with family since they are actually due in today and tomorrow!

What I’m looking forward to next month
Meeting our precious baby boy. I have been looking forward to this day my whole life. 

What else is new
Probably a ton, since I've been majorly slacking in the blogging department lately.

Bonus Question: What's your favorite last minute gift idea!?
This is a hard one, I think it totally depends on who you're shopping for! My go-to spot to pick up last minute gifts is definitely Homegoods! I feel like they really have something for pretty much anyone on your list!

Merry Christmas Friends! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

My Amazon Baby Registry

Hi Friends! I'm sharing a few items from my Amazon baby registry today. I registered at Amazon and at Buy Buy Baby, so that friends and family could have the option of purchasing online or in store. Amazon just has everything! I wish I would have thought to make an Amazon registry back when I was getting married! I'm sharing a few of my favorite items, as well as some that are just so much more affordable on Amazon. I did my fair share of digging and research, but some things just come down to personal taste. Some are definitely things I haven't used yet, but many are items I've used for years as a nanny. Here we go..
*this post contains affiliate links*

1.The play gym by Lovevery
I love how stylish this is, and that it supports five major developmental milestones. I feel like it will get a lot of use.
2. Tula Baby Carrier
This one is just a personal preference! 
3. Muslin Burp Cloths
This four pack is only $10! Major score!
4.Bandana Bibs
This 8 pack is super cute and affordable! 
5. Puracy Shampoo and Body Wash
This is one of those items I did quite a bit of research on. I wanted something as natural as possible and this was a product I thought I'd try. I obviously haven't used it yet, but I'm excited to.. and all the reviews of it are great!
6.City Select Lux
This is the newest version of the City Select by Baby Jogger. I had a long list of requirements for a stroller. I need something that can become a double stroller, and even hold a third kid on a kick board if needed. Something with a large bottom for storage, and that can fold up easily. This fits all my needs for sure. There are a ton of optional attachments, lots of seating arrangements, and it's compatible with my graco infant carseat. Amazon doesn't carry the "Ash" version, which is really my favorite. (The material is similar to spandex!) This color (slate) and material is still great, and it's more than a hundred dollars less!
7. Milk Snob
I love this classic stripe one, and these have so many uses, it was a no brainer!
8. Silicone Bibs
These bibs are great for catching the food that would otherwise be in a lap or on the floor, and they're so easy to just rinse in the sink. One of my favorite items as a nanny.
9. Burt's Bees Organic Sheet
These sheets are beautiful and so soft, I also think they're a bit cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else. 
10. Beaba Steamer and Blender
This is definitely just a convenience item. I could easily steam veggies on the stove, and blend them in my ninja bullet, but I love the idea of doing it all in one. Less dishes for the win!

These are just ten of my favorites from my Amazon registry! Also, if you register at Amazon you get a nice little gift box filled with goodies, including a lovey, sleep sack, bottles, and samples of lots of products! If you are expecting, make sure to take advantage and register on Amazon!

What's the registry item you most want!?
Mine is definitely the stroller!

Friday, November 30, 2018

12 Must Have Books For Kids This Holiday Season

Today I'm sharing 12 of my most favorite books for kids during this holiday season. As a nanny to two boys I feel like I have pretty much read all the books. The boys have a huge collection, and we regularly hit up the library for even more. We do a lot of reading around here! As a Mama to be, I have already started stocking up on all the books, and I love having special books to pull out for the holidays! I'm ordering several of these now in anticipation for next Christmas and future Christmas seasons. I'll pack them up with our Christmas decor this year, so they will be a nice little surprise for him next year! Obviously some of these will be for a few Christmases down the road! Ha! All of these books are linked so you can add to your little ones collection, and they're all really affordable. Any of them would make a great gift for a little one in your life! I love the tradition of wrapping one up to open on Christmas Eve to read before bed time! That just might be a tradition we start in a year or two! 
This post contains affiliate links.