Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Holiday Entertaining Tips

Today's topic for The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year link up is a little difficult for me! Since we currently live in a tiny little space while we're saving for our perfect home, we don't exactly have space for hosting. If you ask my closest friends though, that doesn't really stop me. I have hosted regular game nights for close friends, dinners for family, I even hosted Easter last year, but it was tight. Ha! One of my number on focuses when purchasing a home will be that it has space to entertain. I'm totally going to be the person who has a party for everything! With that being said, I obviously don't have any pictures to share, but I do have a few tips!

•The invite is really the very first impression you give your guests. Whether you mail them or just do an e-vite, there are tons of cute invitations you can find for free or next to nothing! It's so much more fun to receive an invitation in my mailbox (email or traditional) than a text or facebook invite!

•Decor! Make sure your home is decorated for the season. Christmas tree lit, mantle decorated, garland hung.. what ever you do to decorate your home for the season, make sure it's looking nice and festive! Even in our tiny space, I have plenty of Christmas decor. (I'll be sharing this later in the link up!)

•Designate a space for the food/drinks. Even if you're doing a party where others are bringing dishes, know where they're going to go ahead of time. Cute, festive little note cards where people can write the name of their dish to display with it are such a cute touch, and allow others to know what they're putting on their plate, (sometimes it's hard to tell what's in a dish!)

•Make a signature drink! Whether is alcoholic or not (or one of each) this is such a fun touch! If you can't think of anything festive to make there are about a million ideas over on Pinterest. I have some holiday favorites (and lots of others if you scroll down) on my drink board here.

There you have it! A few of my best tips! Hopefully next year I'll get to join in this link up again and have lots of pictures to share! I can't wait to read everyone else's tips! See you tomorrow for another link up! If you're not already part of this link up and would like to join go visit the hosts Victoria and Sarah

What's your best holiday entertaining tip?


  1. I feel ya on living in an apartment before moving into a home. We did that right after we got married before we built our home and entertaining there was so hard! Love the idea of a signature drink!!

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  3. Love the idea of a signature drink!!! So fun!!