Saturday, December 2, 2017

December Goals

Happy December!
Seriously, how did we get here!?
Anyways, December is easily the busiest month of the entire year for us, so writing down my goals is extra important this month. If I want it to happen, it has to be put on the list. Otherwise, I will likely forget because like I said, December is jam packed! First, a look back at November's goals.

November Goals
Finish purchasing Christmas presents
Christmas shopping is basically finished. I might end up getting Chris a couple more things, but I already have two gifts for him purchased. I usually go with one huge gift for him, but this year opted for smaller gifts since he didn't really need anything big.
Do a Thanksgiving 5k (this goal is a long shot!)
I knew this goal was a long shot. Chris normally works late into the night, so I wasn't really planning on him being up early enough to do this with me. He actually ended up not working so late this week, but when we went to sign up for our local 5k it was $50 per runner. I just couldn't justify us spending that much to run three miles. Maybe next year I'll sign up earlier.
Celebrate family birthdays!
We celebrated my mom's and brother's birthdays and our niece's first birthday this month. We were busy! Sadly, I totally failed at documenting it all. 
Decorate for Christmas!
Our home is in full Christmas swing! I love having it all decorated for the holidays. 
 I need to take a picture of our tree at night, the daylight just doesn't do it justice!
 I got this big sign at Kirklands at the end of last season and I couldn't wait to put it up this year!
This little tree sits on our mantel with all of our fun/sentimental ornaments. My favorite is the one on the very bottom. It used to hang on my grandmother's tree when I was a little girl with a hershey kiss in its mouth. When you squeezed his cheeks out popped the kiss! I love that she left it to me!

December Goals
Make a peppermint pie
Get hot chocolate and drive around looking at lights
Spend time with Zach and Lea while they're in town
Visit Vitruvian Park Lights
Document all of our Christmas season fun so I can share it here
Annual Christmas Eve Breakfast
Help my mom host Christmas Eve
Make our 2018 goals and bucket list

December is going to be a very busy month, but I am so excited to finish the year strong! I can't believe this is my last goals post of the year, it sure did fly by!

What are your December goals?
Do you have any fun December traditions!?

XO -Megs

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