Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Christmas Day In The Life

For the link up today, I decided to share the big day! I'm sharing all about how my family celebrates, and digging up some photos from Christmases past!
Here is out Christmas Day! 
Isn't it the best day!? Every year I look forward to it. As a child, every year was spent in my grandparents little town. The house was full, there were a million presents under the tree, tons of food, and often snow on the ground. Maybe I remember it this way because I was little, but I have a feeling my family members would agree that it was pretty magical. As the years have gone by, less have gathered at times, but we're always together in spirit, and usually through face time. 
In my family, Christmas is really a two day event. Chris and I start on the morning of Christmas Eve with breakfast at our favorite spot in downtown Fort Worth. We started this tradition back in 2013. That year he also proposed to me on Christmas Eve, so its extra special, and I really love that time we get, just the two of us, before all the craziness! The past several years my mom has hosted Christmas Eve, and my Aunt hosts Christmas Day. Every year for Christmas Eve we gather for dinner and visiting, and we sing holiday songs. We might sound awful, but it's a fun tradition! The kids always pass out bells and Santa hats and we go through a book of songs my mom made many years ago!  

Christmas morning always starts off with a big breakfast, and then we all sit around together and open gifts. My mom and Uncle always exchange awful, and hilarious, gifts. I wish I could share those photos, but I know at some point my mom will be reading this, and she might kill me! Ha! (Think of her modeling a hot pink robe and hairy light up slippers!) 
After presents we usually end up outside, walking to the park nearby.. except for that one Christmas when it actually snowed in Dallas! Now that Chris and I are married, we usually head to his mom's after presents with my family. We exchange gifts and have Christmas dinner together before heading home. It's really a busy couple of days for us! I realized I haven't done the best job at taking photos the last few years. This year I'll be better, but here are a couple I managed to dig up!
 Our first Christmas together, 2013.
 Christmas Eve 2014 (This was also the day we got engaged!!!)
 Christmas Day 2015 
Christmas Day 2016 
(Notice Chris' shorts and flip flops! I had sandals too, it was in 70s I think!)

Hopefully I'll do better at capturing moments this year, but this is pretty much what our Christmas day is currently like! In a couple of years, when we have a kid or two, this will be a funny post to look back on. I'm sure Christmas Day will look totally different for us in a few years! 

XO -Megs

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your past Christmases + what you all do on Christmas day! This will be my husband's & I's 2nd married Christmas, & I agree, Christmas will be different as the years go on. Merry Christmas to you & yours!