Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Sayulita Part 2

Back again to share more of Mexico! So, I had every intention of just breaking our trip up in to two parts. One part wedding, one part us exploring. However, that just isn't going to work. We did too much, and took way too many pictures the last two days, and I just don't want to cut any of it out! So here we are. This is a recap of day five. You can read about days 1-4 here. I will post Part 3 (day 6&7) very soon, so stay tuned! 
 This was actually from day four. While I spent the day doing all things bridesmaid, Chris was left alone. He walked down to the beach and met our friend Pete, (a local we met our first day in town) who found someone to take him snorkeling. He ended up getting the chance to fish too, and caught this Mahi. It was good! I'm so glad he found the time to do this. It was probably the highlight of his trip.

Enter day five. The first thing we did was this ATV tour. We went with Rancho MiChaparrita for this tour, and I am SO glad we did. I had been looking and trying to book this online before we got there, but it wasn't working. We happened to see their shop on the beach our first night in Sayulita. This is where we met Pete! We were able to book the trip at the beach shop and on the day of the tour they even gave us a ride to their ranch so we didn't have to walk to the other end of town. Ernesto guided us and one other couple through the craziest jungle terrain, and then to the beach. Even though we flipped the four wheeler, it was a blast! 
 After the tour was over, we were starving. We ate from this little food stand. Our table was a tv tray with two chairs and umbrella pulled up next to it. Super fancy, ha! But really, it was so good! Also, look how fancy that guacamole is!
 Next we ventured to Playa De Los Muertos. Otherwise known as beach of the dead, because of the cemetery it's next to. It was a really nice little beach. It isn't as private as some reviews will lead you to believe, but it is definitely not over populated. We went just before sunset and just hung out for a little while. We also explored the cemetery, because.. how could I not!?
 We had so much fun exploring this day. We really got to fall in love with Mexico this day. The people and this little town. After this we were exhausted and had an early ride to catch to the docks the next morning, so we called it a night! Stay tuned for part 3 of our trip, our day sailing to Yelapa!

XO -Megs

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