Friday, October 20, 2017

Our Wedding Pt.2

Our Wedding Day! It totally sounds cliche but this was the absolute best day ever. From start to finish, despite anything that went wrong, every aspect was truly perfect. I remember just being so happy that the day had finally come, and so ready to celebrate our love with everyone. The whole day, I stayed so relaxed, and so focused on taking in each and every detail. It was the most magical day. I hope you are enjoying this little walk down memory lane with me today, as we celebrate two years that have absolutely flown by. 

The day before the wedding! We did everything ourselves, so we packed all of the decorations, and the drinks to bring to the chapel!
 The only picture I could find of our rehearsal was of my beautiful girls and their bridesmaid bags!

 Our wedding day started like this! It was pouring. It stopped intermittently, but it was pretty much like this all day.  
 We got married at the Rose Chapel in Fort Worth, Texas. Our wedding ceremony was just perfect. The room was overflowing with love and happiness. I wish I could relive this day a million times. This photo was obviously taken before our rainy wedding day! Ha!
 My beautiful little flower girl
 Jessica and Julia, my oldest friends

Just a couple pictures from the absolute best day ever! It was so great to look at all these pictures and remember how much fun it was. I really wish we could do it all over again, but I love each day of our marriage so much too. We have grown so much since this day. Even though it's a time I will always cherish I am happier with each day we get to spend as husband and wife. I will say though, after this perfect day I am definitely a fan of vowel renewals! Can't wait to plan that party!

XO -Megs

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