Friday, October 13, 2017

Fit Friday No.5 (2017)

I haven't done a Fit Friday post in awhile, so I thought I'd do one this week and share my progress.

I've really taken the past month to just quietly do work. I spent a couple months over the summer making lots of changes to the way we do things. We significantly cut down on the eating out, switched to heavier lunches and lighter dinners, I changed my breakfast to a high protein smoothie, and I got rid of sweets in our house. I began meal prepping on Sundays so there would be no excuse for not eating healthy foods throughout the week, and I also started grocery shopping online, so there would be no temptation to get anything not on the list. I don't know if I really even realized how many changes I was making at the time, but it was a lot. Our life and our habits six months ago are so far gone. I only realized today, that I haven't cooked any kind of pasta in over six months. The best part, I didn't even realize. That's awesome.
The past month I haven't been so obsessive about everything. If I didn't go to the gym, or if I wanted a little dessert, that was fine. Now, there's a difference between being laid back and lazy. I was not lazy, I just didn't put a ridiculous amount of pressure on myself. I still worked my ass off most of the time, but the days I didn't, I didn't beat myself up about it.. because I wasn't obsessing over the process. This helped me to not have any kind of setbacks. I've lost eleven pounds in the last month, gone down a size, and I can tell I've gained muscle.
I think there's a lot to be said for just letting go, and not obsessing over the process. When you obsess, you are so focused on every little thing that happens in your journey that it often hurts your progress, and it definitely hurts your self esteem. I feel like I am in such a good rhythm now. I honestly am not sure what has made the difference this time, but I have stuck to this long enough for it to get a little easier, long enough for it to become a lifestyle. I think that's a huge key to success. I am not on any kind of diet, I'm just eating very healthy foods. For me, that makes it easier. I don't set crazy strict rules for myself and I don't set timed goals. (i.e. lose 20 lbs. by a certain day.) I am only focused on long term success. This just works better for me.

We head to Mexico in just a couple days, and I am excited to eat what ever the hell I want! Still, I don't anticipate getting too off track. What I'm most excited about is the healthier stuff, especially the seafood! Plus, I figure all the bad stuff will be cancelled out with all of the hiking and walking we will be doing! We've heard it's literally a hike just to get to our room!

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Happy Friday! 
XO -Megs

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