Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hello September

We're already almost through the first week of September. How did that happen? On September 2nd I turned 29 and we spent the long Labor Day weekend celebrating with friends.  It's Thursday and I still haven't totally gotten back into the swing of things. I've had a really easy week. The boys I nanny started a part time preschool this week, so I got some extra time off which was really nice. I was able to get so much done yesterday. Now that we're almost through the first week of September, I feel ready to conquer it. I decided this was a good month to start blogging some of my monthly goals. Maybe it will give you inspiration, and maybe it will keep me on track.  

September goals
Get everything bought/planned/packed for Mexico. 
Attend (and blog about) the Austin bachelorette trip. 
Visit the Texas State Fair.
Finally try to sell the pile of things we no longer need.
Attend Chris' work outing at the Rangers game. 
Stick to four day a week workouts. 

Bring on September, fall, football, and all the pumpkin things! I'm so ready! 
What are your September goals??

XO -Megs

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