Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday

This week I thought I'd join Thoughts for Thursday and link up with some other bloggers. I'm still so new to this world, and I really enjoy linking up and reading other blogs, and hopefully making some "blogger friends!" 

I want to share some tools I personally use to stay happy. I have a few close friends that have recently been dealt a whole lot of life crap. I mean, this happens to all of us every now and then. Maybe you feel like it happens to you often. Just a bunch of bummer, bad news days, strung together.. or even just one day. I was recently asked, 

"How do you always stay so happy?" 

I'm going to be totally honest, this question made me feel so good. It made me feel so confident and just, well.. happy. I don't want to give the impression that I don't sometimes let things get to me, that I don't get down, or that my life is just perfect. It isn't. I have stresses. Just ask my husband, he would probably be the first to say that I'm not always happy. Ha! I think sadness, anger, and frustration are all perfectly useful emotions, and I think its important we allow ourselves to feel them, but I think they should consume a moment, not a day. When I have these emotions for what ever reason, I acknowledge them, and then I move on. A few things that work for me and have worked for my friends..

Communication. If you know me at all, you probably know this is my answer for just about everything. When Chris and I first started dating, we had a very real conversation about how our lives were going to be. His career forces him to have odd hours. We knew from the beginning that not seeing each other regularly was going to be the norm for us. This makes communication extra important. He has always encouraged me to communicate about everything. I do this in every area of my life now. If something is bothering me, I talk about it. Talk to anyone, just vent, and let it go. 
Be positive. No one is in control of your emotions but you. This can be a hard one. It's sometimes very difficult to not let another persons words or actions have an affect on you. You can't control what they say about you, but you can be confident and know that their words do not define you. You define you, no one else. Some people are just negative people, and they bring their negativity with them everywhere they go. Sometimes you just have to let people and things go. Don't be brought down by others. Positivity is so important. I would consider this my key to happiness. 
Let go. There is just no need to hold on to negative emotions. To be clear, having and holding on are two different things. You shouldn't feel like a failure if you feel like this, but you should remember its okay to let go. Give it to God (or the universe if that's your thing) and just free yourself from those feelings. If I'm having a really hard time letting go, music or a night of reflecting with friends or family helps immensely.  

**If you're really having trouble, try looking up and participating in the 100 days of happiness challenge. I have done this challenge twice and love it. It's such a good way to bring attention to all the little things in life that bring you happiness. 

Life is just to short to spend your days unhappy. The best words of advice I have ever been given are "Don't sweat the small stuff." I remember my Papa saying this to me as a little girl, and it's the last sentence in every letter he ever wrote to me. These words mean so much to me. He often followed the words by saying, if its not "health stuff" then its small stuff. If its health stuff, give it to God. If there are health problems weighing on you and stealing your happiness, please shoot me a message or email so I can pray with you. Everyone deserves happiness. 

XO -Megs


  1. Hi Megs! Glad I found you -- love these tips! "Let go" is a hard one, but so necessary. Have a great weekend! <3

    1. It is so hard. I feel like, for me, it's maybe gotten easier the more I've done it! Have a great weekend!!