Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Friday at the Rodeo

Last Friday we went to the county fair and rodeo. This is something I've gone to almost every year of my life, so I was excited to share it with Chris. (I can't believe I'd never taken him!) Something you should know about me, I am obsessed with fairs, carnivals, festivals, etc. Art fairs, mall carnivals, town festivals, county and state fairs, I don't discriminate! I love them all, and everything they include. This county fair (and Rodeo!) is really the kick off to the season. In a few weeks our neighboring town will host Grapefest, and then the State Fair will be here, followed by many Oktoberfest celebrations. I'll go to as many as we can fit in! For now, back to Friday night.

This was the first night the fair opened, and Chris ended up getting Friday night off, so we were able to get there pretty early. We walked around, got a beer, and found ourselves a seat at the rodeo. 

We watched the entire rodeo, but I didn't get many pictures.
Afterwards we walked around and checked out all the rides and food!
Our friend Zach finally joined the party and brought a bunch of his friends. Josh Abbott played, but we opted to hang back because it was just too hot. We waited at the smaller stage for Zane Williams to come on. It was my first time hearing him, and I didn't know a single original he played, but it was easy to dance do and we had a blast.
Zach and I have been friends for 14 years. He even introduced me to Chris! He is moving to Seattle in a couple weeks and I miss him already! It was great to have this night before he leaves.
It was insanely hot, and we missed Zach's fiancee, Lea, who is already in Seattle, but it was a great Friday night! Do you like festivals too? What's your favorite??

XO -Megs

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