Friday, August 18, 2017

Fit Friday no.4 (2017)

It's Friday!

Time to check in! This week went really well for me. I worked out, felt great, and lost a few pounds. The past few weeks have been a little frustrating for me. I started doing meal prep more seriously and cut a lot of things out of mine and my husbands diet. Of course, when you make changes you want to see results. Well, Chris has seen amazing results, with minimal effort, almost instantly. I've put in quite a bit more effort, to no avail. I know, I know, men just naturally have an easier time. I could write about all the ways this is unfair for hours, but this is life. The fact that it's unfair doesn't matter, because it will still be true. My Papa always told me that sometimes you just need to have a pity party, and then you get up and move on. I've had my party.. next! I did a great job at moving on this week.

One thing I changed up this week was my breakfasts. I did not want to do this. Not even a little bit. I have been making breakfast sandwiches and they are so delicious, but that bread just had to go. Enter, protein smoothies (or shakes?) What's the difference? Anyway, this week I blended up a protein smoothie every morning. Now, I learned on Monday that I am absolutely not an expert at this. I should have hopped on Pinterest the night before to get an idea of what I was supposed to be doing. I mean, it's pretty simple, but when you don't do this regularly and don't really know how much of everything you should throw in, well, you just never know what you'll get. Monday I ended up making a huge smoothie, like, wayyy too big! Tuesday was better, and by Wednesday I had it down. I honestly think it made a difference. On Monday I still felt hungry. This was surprising to me, because with 26 grams of protein there was just no possible way I was actually hungry. I missed eating. I mean, I should have expected this. After all, this is why I was hesitant to do this in the first place. I am not into drinking my meals. Some people drink their meals, especially veggies, but I would just rather eat them. I have always loved healthy foods so I have never needed to add them to a drink. Tuesday I was tempted to quit, but I didn't, and I'm so glad. I felt full and totally satisfied. One day, is all it took. Which is awesome because if it hadn't been better Tuesday I probably would have gone another route. I have never been a person who can skip breakfast, and being a nanny to two boys under four means I need even more energy. I might actually be a believer now. It's easier, faster, and more filling. I also love that I can mix it up if I want, and that I can add things like flax seed, that I know I need and haven't been getting. This week I used one scoop of strawberry protein powder, one cup of frozen organic berries, and a little water. We have a nutri-bullet so I can just blend and go in the morning. I love how easy it is. I'm going to continue these and see what happens, and now that I'm a little more confident, I'm going to mix it up and start adding other ingredients! If you have a favorite recipe, comment so I can try it out! 

Have a great weekend, and be fit and fab! 
XO -Megs

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