Thursday, July 13, 2017

San Antonio

We recently went on a little trip to one of my favorite places, San Antonio! It was a very short trip. Actually, we went to Corpus Christi for a day, and then spent the next day and a half in San Antonio. 

In Corpus, we got to spend some time with Chris' extended family, which is something I honestly love to do. We also got to eat some real Mexican food. I pretty much had Carne Guisada tacos for every meal while we were there. Yum! I don't have a single picture from our night with family in Corpus. (Major fail on my part but we were busy!) Chris' aunt and uncle renewed their wedding vows and had a huge reception. We had so much fun even though it was a really quick visit!

Onto San Antonio! I can't even describe my love for this city. I used to come here as a kid and do all of the typical touristy things, and I have such fond memories of it. Chris and I have had a couple little weekend getaways here since we've been together. It's a quick drive, so its the perfect spot to spend a long weekend. Every time we get to town, our first stop is Mi Tierra. If you haven't been, do yourself a favor and go! This would literally be my number one recommendation. 

Conveniently, it is a short walk from there to the riverwalk. I feel like this is this most popular spot in the city, at least for tourists. Chris actually lived in San Antonio for a few years during college and had never been to the riverwalk until I took him a couple years ago. Thats just crazy to me! The last time we visited, we went early in the morning and walked the whole thing. It was practically deserted and it was so nice and peaceful. This time we walked down after dinner, and decided to take a river cruise. If you've never done this, you definitely should. Its really pretty, and I really enjoy hearing all of the history of the city. The whole area is really neat. There are so many fun restaurants and bars with great views of the river. 

After our cruise on the river we stopped at a beautiful cathedral. They were casting a beautiful light show on the outside of the building. We sat and enjoyed the half hour show. This was my favorite part of San Antonio this time. I wish the pictures did it justice. It was absolutely beautiful! (Thanks to our waitress at Mi Tierra for telling is about it!)

We finished the night with dessert at La Margarita. Yum!

Of course I saw the empty Market Street as the perfect spot for a late night dance/photo op! I love how perfect this little candid photo turned out. 

The next morning was spent leisurely hanging around our hotel, before heading towards home. We decided to take a little detour to Driftwood, Texas for some bbq. This detour is well worth it in our opinion. Salt Lick Bbq is a little off the beaten path, which makes it that much more special. Also, the food is pretty fantastic! When we got there it was busy (as it usually is) and we had probably close to an hour wait, which we happily spent at the Salk Lick Cellars having a little wine tasting and enjoying the beautiful day. 

It was a great trip, and I can't wait to go back. 


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