Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Our newest tradition

It's July!

That means we are half way through 2017. Seriously!? I feel like I was just celebrating the new year yesterday! It's been a pretty great year so far, but definitely a year of busyness and change. I wanted to share something we did all the way back in January that has sort of kept me on track.

This year I started a new tradition. (I love traditions!) Instead of making a list of resolutions for this new year (who sticks to those anyway!?) I made a 2017 bucket list. Actually I made a couple of them, and I wish I had made even more. One was just for me, more of a "fitness" bucket list. Aren't we all always on a "fitness/health" journey!? I was very deliberate about not writing "lose _ pounds" because I didn't want that to be my focus. I'll be honest, most of the items on this bucket list have yet to be completed, but I have checked off a five mile hike and a thirty day squat challenge. Also, there are some weight lifting goals I'm getting pretty close to, so go me!

The other bucket list I made is my favorite. A couples list! Fun things we wanted to do, and vacations we wanted to take together.

I realize now, that I probably went a bit overboard on vacation goals, especially with a new job that I have yet to earn much paid vacation time. It's okay though! I plan on reevaluating at the end of this year, and anything that's still important can easily be put on next years list! I actually already have next years vacation list in my head. Oops! But this year is only half over, and we are excited to have a few of these in the works. Mexico is booked! (6 days in October! Yay!) The State Fair won't be here until September, and that's one we will definitely be crossing off this year!

This whole bucket list idea came to me as sort of an after thought this year, and we did it in the first couple weeks of January. It was also something I kind of just jotted down and Chris approved, although he did add a little. Next year I'm looking forward to sitting down either New Year's Eve or day, and talking about all of our goals and plans for the new year together. I can't wait to sit and reflect on this year and discuss our hopes both individuality and as a couple together. I plan on this being a tradition we carry on for years to come, and even include our kids in someday. I picture us hanging up our little lists and checking items off throughout the year. I mean, I just love a yearly bucket list so much more than a lifetime one. It's served a great purpose in keeping me on track, and it's just so much better than a resolution to me.

Do you like the idea? What's something you'd put on your yearly bucket list?

XO -Meg

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