Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Home Sweet Home

5 ways I make our little apartment feel like home!

At this point in our marriage, we are saving up for house/babies. This means we are living in a tiny little apartment. Even though its all very temporary right now, I still try to make our little place feel like home. I've actually really loved living in this tiny little place, and I think I'll miss it when we finally do leave. Something about living in such a tiny space really makes you feel so cozy.

One of my favorite ways to make me feel at home is having fresh flowers on the dining table. I don't know why, fresh flowers just make me so happy. My husband thinks it's so silly to spend money on something that dies so quickly, but I just can't help it. I try to get the flowers in the sale bin when I go to Sam's Club, just to save a little money. They have the best deals on everything, including flowers! Also, this picture does not do these place mats justice. They are woven gray and white and are just so beautifully neutral. This is one thing I am really picky about. I searched everywhere I went for over a year, and I finally found these beauties at Home Goods. I bought eight of them, because I know someday we will have a much larger dining table and I knew that they would be something I would love forever. I would have bought ten if they would have had them!

We recently got the comfiest rug for our living room. It is so soft! It really helps cozy up our little place, and (bonus!) it covers up a big portion of our ugly tan carpet. It's from At Home. I love shopping there at this stage because everything is so inexpensive. I hate to spend a ton of money on things knowing they may not fit into our future home. I think this rug was less than a hundred dollars and it takes up a pretty large portion of our living room. Plus it is just so soft. This is something we just got, and I didn't realize how much it would transform our living room. Now in old pictures the room just looks so incomplete.

Another thing I love is a pretty bathroom counter. There's nothing like white laminate to ruin well.. everything. Fancy soaps and a pretty little jewelry box sit atop our bathroom counter in an attempt to pretty it up a bit. The jewelry box is another At Home find, but everything else is from World Market.

When we moved here, we got a fireplace and mantel. I love decorating the mantel for each season. The canvas everyone signed at our wedding stays right in the center. Our unity candle from our wedding is also currently up there.

Arguably my favorite way to decorate any space is with pictures. I have pictures all over our apartment. I mean I have jammed them anywhere and everywhere. On the bar, the mantel, the tops of each dresser, hanging on a cute picture board in our kitchen, and I've made a large gallery wall behind the couch in our living room. The only area I don't have pictures displayed in is the bathroom. I love seeing them each day and being reminded of great memories. For awhile there were a ton of wedding pictures. I mean, we don't have kids so we rarely get professional shots, and we live in the age of "the selfie" so it was all I had for a little while. I've tried to get better about having other people take pictures of us, and I've been able to switch a lot of pictures out.

These are a few of my favorite ways to make this season of our marriage as pretty as it can be. I think it's really important to make every place we live in feel like home. Each place is part of our journey, and I know someday we will look back on this time that it was just the two of us and we were preparing for our future. I want to always remember each step of our journey fondly. I don't want to just remember this as the place where we lived, but also the place we loved, we grew, we made plans, we welcomed friends, and we called home. 

What makes your house a home?

XO -Megs

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