Friday, July 28, 2017

Fit Friday no. 2 (2017)

Back with another Fit Friday post!

5 habits that keep me on the right track

1. Never miss a Monday! This rule works wonders for me. At this point in my journey, if I skip my workout on a Monday, you can probably bet I'll talk myself out of going on Tuesday. After that it's like a domino effect. I don't know why, but if I don't go Monday, the rest of the week it feels like I'm on a train that is speeding faster and faster downhill on the wrong track. Now, there have been weeks where I haven't made it to the gym until Wednesday, but it is so much harder for me to get there by then. For what ever reason, if I go Monday, I am going to have a great week. I'll probably go five days. I'll decline other plans, or leave early so that I can get my workout in. I don't remember where I heard this rule, it was awhile ago, but it is the best rule in my opinion!

2. Meal prep! One of the ways I talk myself out of a workout (and into a drive-thru) is by knowing I don't have food at home prepped and ready to go. I try to cook on Sundays, just because it's what's easiest for me. I prep all my meals and snacks so that there is less to do during the week. Obviously, this also helps you eat healthier. I make sure that what we keep in our home is healthy. There aren't many fatty or high carb foods in our fridge/pantry. I make a list before I go to the store and I stick to it. For me, sweets are my thing. Chocolate, ice cream, all of it! I've learned that if I deprive myself I turn into a crazy person so I make certain rules for myself. A few dark chocolate covered almonds or a chocolate peanut butter protein bar are my go to treats.

3. Wearing a step counter! I wear a Fitbit, because I thrive on competition. I like that you can set up daily or weekly competitions to see who gets the most steps. Even if you don't compete with other people, it reminds you every hour to get moving, and it buzzes when you hit certain goals. This is a great way to get me up and moving even if I'm not going to the gym. Some days I've gone to the gym on my recovery day just to walk or run on the treadmill for steps.

4. Setting goals! If I set a goal for myself, I want to achieve it. I make sure to not set weight loss goals for a few reasons. First, I'm doing a lot of weight training, and although I know I will be losing fat, I hope to also gain muscle. Secondly, stepping on a scale is just unhealthy for me. I don't need to be obsessed with a number, and truth be told, I don't even have a goal weight. I just want to be the healthiest I can be. I set goals for how long I want to stay on the stair master (that thing is freaking hard!) and I set weight lifting goals. I crush my weight lifting goals much faster than my stair master ones, but oh well!

5. Be Positive! My favorite and most practiced positivity exercise is to speak positive affirmations. I do this in every area of my life, including this one. For example, I will get that job! I will lose that weight! I will go to the gym! I will be stronger! I will be successful! This process keeps me sane. I usually try to do it first thing in the morning, on my way to work. I say all of these words out loud, as many times as I feel I need to that day. It really just helps get my mind in the right space. 

These five habits really help me through a busy week. They help me stay focused and productive no matter what is going on in my life. Of course, I'm no expert. This week I didn't work out Monday , so you can just assume how the rest of my week went. What can I say!? I'm working on it! I would love to hear if you have any of the same habits, or other ones that I should add to my list. After all, you can never have too many healthy habits! 

XO -Megs
Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

A little link up on this last Wednesday in July. I can't believe this month is coming to a close, but bring it on August! I'm ready for ya!

This week I changed up our meal prep just a little. I made chicken fajita rice bowls. I love that fajita marinade! I baked the chicken and also roasted some peppers and onions. Since we warm everything up later, I store the rice, black beans and corn in a separate container. 

Our day date last weekend. We got to enjoy an empty movie theater, shopping, lunch, and spending time together. I love days when we can just do what we want. Since our time together during the week is pretty much non existent, the weekends are extra special.

My job! Summer has been so fun with these boys, and I recently linked up with a group of nannies that we get to have fun little outings with. It's so much fun having friends with us when we go places. 

Summer is in full swing and we have just been trying to get through it I think. Chris had Lasik eye surgery last month and the recovery process has been a little longer than what was originally anticipated, which wouldn't be a big deal, but its the middle of summer in Texas and he isn't allowed to swim. I miss our pool days and hope they become frequent again soon. 

I don't think there's anything I'm currently dreading. Everyone is dreading summer being over, but not me! Since I'm a nanny to two littles, summer means all of our favorite places are taken over by the "big kids" and I'm just ready for that to end! Plus, this fall is going to be full of tons of amazing things!

Fitness! (With my hot husband)

There are so many fun things coming up in the next month. I'm most excited to celebrate Chris' birthday. I'm also excited for a bridal shower for my oldest friend. 

Honestly the only thing I've been watching is the bachelorette, and there has been zero time for reading. 

Linkin Park. I normally listen to them pretty often since they're a big part of my workout playlist, but with the sad passing of Chester Bennington they're all I've listened to for a few days. 

I recently got some super colorful shorts because it is just too hot for much else. I have them in this pink and a light purple too! 

Chris has to do some work on his truck this weekend. (It's getting so close to being done!) and I'm hoping we can finally hit the pool. 

There is so much! Chris' birthday is almost here and I love any extra excuse to celebrate him! Also, this month we are having a bridal shower for my oldest friend. (I'm also super looking forward to her Austin Bachelorette in September and Mexico wedding in October!)

That's pretty much it!

Late nights! I love having more daylight! I have never been someone who needed much sleep, so I love the extra hours that are nice and sunny. I feel like I can get so much more done, and have so much more fun, in the summer!

That's all for What's Up Wednesday! 
XO -Megs 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Home Sweet Home

5 ways I make our little apartment feel like home!

At this point in our marriage, we are saving up for house/babies. This means we are living in a tiny little apartment. Even though its all very temporary right now, I still try to make our little place feel like home. I've actually really loved living in this tiny little place, and I think I'll miss it when we finally do leave. Something about living in such a tiny space really makes you feel so cozy.

One of my favorite ways to make me feel at home is having fresh flowers on the dining table. I don't know why, fresh flowers just make me so happy. My husband thinks it's so silly to spend money on something that dies so quickly, but I just can't help it. I try to get the flowers in the sale bin when I go to Sam's Club, just to save a little money. They have the best deals on everything, including flowers! Also, this picture does not do these place mats justice. They are woven gray and white and are just so beautifully neutral. This is one thing I am really picky about. I searched everywhere I went for over a year, and I finally found these beauties at Home Goods. I bought eight of them, because I know someday we will have a much larger dining table and I knew that they would be something I would love forever. I would have bought ten if they would have had them!

We recently got the comfiest rug for our living room. It is so soft! It really helps cozy up our little place, and (bonus!) it covers up a big portion of our ugly tan carpet. It's from At Home. I love shopping there at this stage because everything is so inexpensive. I hate to spend a ton of money on things knowing they may not fit into our future home. I think this rug was less than a hundred dollars and it takes up a pretty large portion of our living room. Plus it is just so soft. This is something we just got, and I didn't realize how much it would transform our living room. Now in old pictures the room just looks so incomplete.

Another thing I love is a pretty bathroom counter. There's nothing like white laminate to ruin well.. everything. Fancy soaps and a pretty little jewelry box sit atop our bathroom counter in an attempt to pretty it up a bit. The jewelry box is another At Home find, but everything else is from World Market.

When we moved here, we got a fireplace and mantel. I love decorating the mantel for each season. The canvas everyone signed at our wedding stays right in the center. Our unity candle from our wedding is also currently up there.

Arguably my favorite way to decorate any space is with pictures. I have pictures all over our apartment. I mean I have jammed them anywhere and everywhere. On the bar, the mantel, the tops of each dresser, hanging on a cute picture board in our kitchen, and I've made a large gallery wall behind the couch in our living room. The only area I don't have pictures displayed in is the bathroom. I love seeing them each day and being reminded of great memories. For awhile there were a ton of wedding pictures. I mean, we don't have kids so we rarely get professional shots, and we live in the age of "the selfie" so it was all I had for a little while. I've tried to get better about having other people take pictures of us, and I've been able to switch a lot of pictures out.

These are a few of my favorite ways to make this season of our marriage as pretty as it can be. I think it's really important to make every place we live in feel like home. Each place is part of our journey, and I know someday we will look back on this time that it was just the two of us and we were preparing for our future. I want to always remember each step of our journey fondly. I don't want to just remember this as the place where we lived, but also the place we loved, we grew, we made plans, we welcomed friends, and we called home. 

What makes your house a home?

XO -Megs

Friday, July 21, 2017

Fit Friday no.1 (2017)

Lets talk fitness..

I have struggled with not being the skinny girl for as long as I can remember. I can look back and remember times that I thought I looked good, but there isn't a time in my life that I would really call myself skinny. I hate that word. Skinny. God just didn't make me to be a tiny little thing, and you know what, I'm fine with that. Let me be clear though.. I am fine with that now. At twenty eight years old, I have made my peace with the fact that I'll never be the skinny one. I don't even want to be the skinny one anymore, but that took twenty eight years. Now more than ever, I want to be fit. I want to have muscles, and I want them to be seen. I am not physically fit yet, but I will be documenting my journey to get there on my weekly Fit Friday posts. This Friday, I want to talk about how to mentally prepare to be physically fit, and something that has been holding me back for years. 

How often do you put yourself down? Saying things like, "I look so fat in this" avoiding the pool, fun events with friends, even being in pictures? This has been me for years. Until recently, I didn't realize how much I actually was avoiding, and I really didn't realize how often I was putting myself down. I've basically been fat shaming myself. It took my husband constantly pointing out things I would say for me to really recognize and change my habits. He really hates the way I talk about my body, and he's been very vocal about wanting me to change. (He's seriously the best!) Once I started listening to him, and being conscious about my words, I noticed that I was making these little fat shaming comments to myself all the time. It had to stop. For the last month or so, I have gotten so much better. Not only do I not make these comments near as much as before, but I notice others making them and it bothers me. I now do my best to discourage my friends and family from this toxic talk. 

I can't even begin to explain how much has changed in the last month for me. Without losing a pound, I have gained so much confidence in myself. I have let go of fears and I've quit caring so much about what others think. I've stopped shaming myself and the way I view myself has completely changed. I am happy in my own skin, and it feels great. Surprisingly to me, this has given me so much motivation to eat clean and get active. Instead of thinking to myself, "I look like crap, I need to go to the gym," I think, "I feel great, and the gym will make me feel better." Instead of the gym, or healthy foods, being a punishment for being fat they have become a reward. For years I have been feeling like I had no motivation, and I finally feel like I have some. Now, this doesn't mean it's magically become super easy and I skip off to the gym every day for my workout. I still have days I don't want to go, days I feel like just eating ice cream. I don't think that will go away, even with physical results. I love me some ice cream, y'all! The whole point is that its gotten easier, and I'm all for anything that makes the journey a little easier. I hope you'll pay attention to your words, and change your habits. Let me know what keeps you motivated!

Happy Fit Friday friends! Be well!
Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Our newest tradition

It's July!

That means we are half way through 2017. Seriously!? I feel like I was just celebrating the new year yesterday! It's been a pretty great year so far, but definitely a year of busyness and change. I wanted to share something we did all the way back in January that has sort of kept me on track.

This year I started a new tradition. (I love traditions!) Instead of making a list of resolutions for this new year (who sticks to those anyway!?) I made a 2017 bucket list. Actually I made a couple of them, and I wish I had made even more. One was just for me, more of a "fitness" bucket list. Aren't we all always on a "fitness/health" journey!? I was very deliberate about not writing "lose _ pounds" because I didn't want that to be my focus. I'll be honest, most of the items on this bucket list have yet to be completed, but I have checked off a five mile hike and a thirty day squat challenge. Also, there are some weight lifting goals I'm getting pretty close to, so go me!

The other bucket list I made is my favorite. A couples list! Fun things we wanted to do, and vacations we wanted to take together.

I realize now, that I probably went a bit overboard on vacation goals, especially with a new job that I have yet to earn much paid vacation time. It's okay though! I plan on reevaluating at the end of this year, and anything that's still important can easily be put on next years list! I actually already have next years vacation list in my head. Oops! But this year is only half over, and we are excited to have a few of these in the works. Mexico is booked! (6 days in October! Yay!) The State Fair won't be here until September, and that's one we will definitely be crossing off this year!

This whole bucket list idea came to me as sort of an after thought this year, and we did it in the first couple weeks of January. It was also something I kind of just jotted down and Chris approved, although he did add a little. Next year I'm looking forward to sitting down either New Year's Eve or day, and talking about all of our goals and plans for the new year together. I can't wait to sit and reflect on this year and discuss our hopes both individuality and as a couple together. I plan on this being a tradition we carry on for years to come, and even include our kids in someday. I picture us hanging up our little lists and checking items off throughout the year. I mean, I just love a yearly bucket list so much more than a lifetime one. It's served a great purpose in keeping me on track, and it's just so much better than a resolution to me.

Do you like the idea? What's something you'd put on your yearly bucket list?

XO -Meg
Thursday, July 13, 2017

San Antonio

We recently went on a little trip to one of my favorite places, San Antonio! It was a very short trip. Actually, we went to Corpus Christi for a day, and then spent the next day and a half in San Antonio. 

In Corpus, we got to spend some time with Chris' extended family, which is something I honestly love to do. We also got to eat some real Mexican food. I pretty much had Carne Guisada tacos for every meal while we were there. Yum! I don't have a single picture from our night with family in Corpus. (Major fail on my part but we were busy!) Chris' aunt and uncle renewed their wedding vows and had a huge reception. We had so much fun even though it was a really quick visit!

Onto San Antonio! I can't even describe my love for this city. I used to come here as a kid and do all of the typical touristy things, and I have such fond memories of it. Chris and I have had a couple little weekend getaways here since we've been together. It's a quick drive, so its the perfect spot to spend a long weekend. Every time we get to town, our first stop is Mi Tierra. If you haven't been, do yourself a favor and go! This would literally be my number one recommendation. 

Conveniently, it is a short walk from there to the riverwalk. I feel like this is this most popular spot in the city, at least for tourists. Chris actually lived in San Antonio for a few years during college and had never been to the riverwalk until I took him a couple years ago. Thats just crazy to me! The last time we visited, we went early in the morning and walked the whole thing. It was practically deserted and it was so nice and peaceful. This time we walked down after dinner, and decided to take a river cruise. If you've never done this, you definitely should. Its really pretty, and I really enjoy hearing all of the history of the city. The whole area is really neat. There are so many fun restaurants and bars with great views of the river. 

After our cruise on the river we stopped at a beautiful cathedral. They were casting a beautiful light show on the outside of the building. We sat and enjoyed the half hour show. This was my favorite part of San Antonio this time. I wish the pictures did it justice. It was absolutely beautiful! (Thanks to our waitress at Mi Tierra for telling is about it!)

We finished the night with dessert at La Margarita. Yum!

Of course I saw the empty Market Street as the perfect spot for a late night dance/photo op! I love how perfect this little candid photo turned out. 

The next morning was spent leisurely hanging around our hotel, before heading towards home. We decided to take a little detour to Driftwood, Texas for some bbq. This detour is well worth it in our opinion. Salt Lick Bbq is a little off the beaten path, which makes it that much more special. Also, the food is pretty fantastic! When we got there it was busy (as it usually is) and we had probably close to an hour wait, which we happily spent at the Salk Lick Cellars having a little wine tasting and enjoying the beautiful day. 

It was a great trip, and I can't wait to go back.