Sunday, May 21, 2017

Weekend Recap

We are wrapping up our weekend and getting ready for the work week. This weekend was a particularly special one. It started with Chris getting off work early Friday. For those that don't know, he works second shift, so I normally don't really see him until Saturday. I desperately wanted a date night. I was craving a night out with my man, a festival, a game of mini golf, just something different. Bad weather prevented pretty much everything, and we ended up out at dinner. Don't get me wrong, I'm always thankful for a nice meal with my husband, but we go out to dinner pretty often, so it doesn't always feel like something special. Our night ended up being a blast, but my rockstar husband had more up his sleeve.

Enter Saturday..
First, Chris surprised me with a shopping trip. He patiently waited while I picked out a new outfit, trying on tons of shirts and dresses, and buying me two when I couldn't decide what I wanted more. He was even more patient while I searched the isles for the perfect new pair of boots. He held my things, and helped me try on pair after pair until I finally found ones I loved. His patience never ceases to amaze me. It is probably my favorite trait of his. Ladies, if you're single, look for a man with patience. Seriously. After deciding on an outfit and boots, we set out to Fort Worth for dinner and night of country western dancing. It was the perfect evening.

Normally, my husband is a huge homebody. I mean a HUGE homebody. He would be happy to not leave home for an entire weekend. This was definitely far from how he wanted to spend his Saturday, which just made the whole day a thousand times more special to me. Sometimes I complain that he rarely gets me flowers, cards, or what ever, but this day was so much better than any of that. He didn't get me something because it was a holiday or anniversary, and he didn't do it just because. He did it because he knew I needed it. I needed a night of fun, something out of the ordinary, something unexpected, and thats why he gave it to me. He knows what I need. How awesome is that?! Disclaimer: He doesn't always just know. If I need something from him, more space, attention, affection, whatever.. I tell him. I don't expect him to read my mind. Still, I am so impressed by his thoughtfulness, and I can't wait to think up something equally thoughtful to surprise him with. What are some of the most thoughtful things you and your significant other have done for each other?

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