Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The beginning, kind of

Becoming a blogger is something I've wanted to do for as long as I can remember. I have began, and then stopped, more times than I can count. I have considered diving back in since I got married, a year and a half ago, but something has always held me back. Recently I was inspired to stop waiting and just go for it, so here it goes.
First things first, just a little bit about me. I have lived in Texas my whole life. Though the summers are a little unbearable, I love living here, and am proud to call myself a "Texan." I love all the typical things that Texas is known for. Tex-Mex, barbecue, football,  (though I am not a Cowboys fan) the State Fair, Texas country, and everything fried. In October of 2015 I married my husband, Chris. We were friends for many years before we ever even thought about dating, so the cliche saying "I married my best friend" is incredibly true in our case. I don't know if this makes our relationship extra special, but it's definitely jam packed with fun! I take the role "wife" very seriously, which means there will probably be many marriage related posts on my blog. Actually, part of what inspired this blogging journey was how much a few blogs helped me in the first months of my marriage. I'd love to do that for other women. In this season of my life I am enjoying marriage, organizing and decorating our little home, and perfecting delicious healthy (and sometimes unhealthy) meals, that I share over on my instagram @megscooks. My 9-5 (more like 7-5😳) is spent with two sweet, sometimes onery, boys, Ellis and Brooks. Being a nanny is equal parts fun and rewarding. After working as a preschool teacher for ten years, I was ready for a little bit of a change, and although being a nanny may seem no different, it really is in so many ways. I'll be sharing every so often what I'm doing to keep the boys entertained, and how you can do it too if you have little ones at home!
I hope that the content you find will be interesting, relatable, even helpful maybe. I'd love to make new blogging friends through this adventure, so please comment and say hello! I look forward to seeing where this takes me.

XO- Megan