Monday, August 13, 2018

First Trimester Recap!

Today I am sharing all about my first trimester, that just wrapped up a week or so ago. I thought I’d share for a few reasons. I’m sure I’ll want to look back on this during future pregnancies and compare, I’d love to share insight to anyone going through this time (even though every pregnancy is different) and also, because some people might be nosy like me. I can’t tell you how many pregnancy and birth stories I’ve read online, just out of curiosity, ha!

I’ll start all the way back in May. I discovered I was pregnant at the end of May. Since I track my cycle, I knew right away I was four and a half weeks. We hadn’t been “trying” but were planning to start soon, so we had kind of been planning on it. I had all these ideas of how we were going to tell the people we love, and it all went straight out the window. I told Chris immediately when he woke up. I couldn’t hold it in for even a second. We had seen my family the night before, and that morning my mom was heading out of town for a few days. We had lunch planned with Chris’ family that day, and I knew we wouldn’t be able to hide the news, so we FaceTimed my mom that morning and told her before she left. We decided to keep the news pretty quiet, only telling a couple people until we hit the 8 week mark, and had our first doctors appointment.

Around 8 weeks I started feeling pretty terrible. Basically, nauseous all day everyday. Everything grossed me out, and I couldn’t even drink water for awhile. The unisom/b6 combo helped, but it didn’t make it go away. I stayed sick right up to week 14, and then I started to see a little relief. I usually just feel sick now in the evenings, or if I let myself get too hungry throughout the day! I haven’t been super tired, though I’ve had my days, but my energy is definitely not the same, and I’ve definitely been going to bed much earlier.

At 12 weeks we decided to do the genetic blood test. We got results that our sweet baby is a healthy little BOY! I really thought it was a girl, so there was definitely a moment of shock, but I’m looking forward to being a boy mom!

I’m super happy to now be in the second trimester, although I’m a little intimidated by how fast it’s all going. I’m really looking forward to all the good things people say about this trimester, and hoping they’re true for me.

Are you pregnant too?
Say hi down in the comments!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

August Goals

It’s been a few months since I’ve done a goals post. Partially because I was keeping my pregnancy under wraps, but mostly because I’ve been in no shape to cross off, or even make, any goals. My one and only goal has been to stay alive, and make it through one day at a time. Pregnancy, y’all! I’ll be sharing all about that soon, but today I thought I would jump back in and share some goals for the month of August.

Celebrate my hubby’s birthday!
It’s today! I’m extra excited about this because this year I actually get to see him. Most years we’re working opposite shifts so we wouldn’t even see each other. 

Celebrate some good friends of ours getting married.
They’re having an evening wedding, and I’m hoping I can hang past 8pm.

Decide on a name for our little one!
Not putting a ton of pressure on this, but I’m hoping we can decide sooner, rather than later.

Blog steadily
I’m hoping I can get back on here regularly. The fatigue has been strong, but I’m ready to be back! If you have anything you’d like to hear from me, drop it in the comments! 

That’s about all I can handle this month! 
What goals do you have this month!?

Friday, July 20, 2018


We're having a baby!
I feel like I have been waiting a lifetime to write this post. We finally announced to the world yesterday, that we are expecting a sweet baby in January. We have known for the past two months, but we chose to keep it to ourselves and close family/friends until we reached twelve weeks. It’s been kind of sweet to have it as a secret, but I have been so ready to shout it to the world. If you know me, you know my biggest dream in life is to be a mom. It feels so surreal now that the time is finally here.  Chris and I could not be more excited to bring this new little family member into the world. They are already so loved.
This is why I have been so absent on my blog and social media accounts. Mostly because I’ve been so sick and tired, but partially because I wanted to spill our secret, but couldn’t! Now I’m back, and I’ll be sharing more of everything with plenty of pregnancy experiences thrown in the mix! Thanks for following along!! 

How far along am I?
12 weeks, 2 days

How big is the baby?
The size of a large plum!

How am I feeling?
I'm finally feeling okay, but the last month has been really rough, honestly. 

How did I tell Chris?
I had all these great ideas of ways to tell him, but when I found out I couldn't wait. He was asleep, so I waited until he woke up, and then I simply said “our baby is the size of a poppy seed!”

Gender predictions?
Eek! I don’t know, most people think boy.

More updates to come!
Happy Friday!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Fit Friday No. 6

Happy Friday!
Time to check in for Fit Friday and share my progress this month. The first five months of this year have flown by, and I am so happy that I started this little monthly fitness check in! It has been so good for me to share. It holds me accountable, and keeps me motivated. If you're thinking of sharing something like this, I really encourage you to do it! I would love to follow along on your journey (and thank you for following mine!) Now, time to see how my month has been..

Number of gym check-ins 
I have no idea, but if I had to guess I'd say somewhere between 5 and 10. We were going to the gym two mornings a week while the boys I nanny were in preschool, since Chris was working second shift. Since he is now working different hours, and I no longer have those mornings off until August, we are trying to find our new normal. Even though we weren't always in the gym, we've stayed pretty active. 

Jean size

Pounds lost
3 pounds! Even without living in the gym. Not going to lie, I totally figured I had gained weight, but between being active and still eating pretty healthy I was able to not gain, and even lose a little. (Even with 10 days of vacation at the end of April/beginning of May!)

Goal of the month
My goal was to not put on vacation pounds! Next month, my goal is to figure out a new gym schedule, and get in there more than this month.

Win of the month
Not falling off the deep end while on vacation. I've really learned that it's all about balance!

Happy Friday!
Thursday, May 17, 2018

Destin: Part 2 Where We Ate!

I'm back to share part two, where we ate! This is such a fun little spot, and we tried to eat at a variety of places. We didn't have a lot of time, but I think we found some pretty good spots!
Lulu's was our first stop! Like, before we even went and checked out our beach house and saw all of our friends! Ha! It is owned by Lucy Buffet, little sister to Jimmy Buffet. I loved this place! I wanted to come back and eat here twice but we didn't have time. This will no doubt be somewhere we go every time we go back! The service was great, and so was the food! I had a fried green tomato blt and Chris got blackened Mahi. Both were so good we didn't even have time for a picture before it was gone! We sat inside, although with the giant garage style doors open it still felt like outside, but with less sun, which was perfect!

 There was a good size bar inside, and a huge one outside, along with the beach. People had driven their boats in for lunch, and some people were taking rides in a little water plane they had! Very cool! Also, all the drinks were good, and who doesn't love a good crazy straw!?
Breakfast time!
 The next morning we had breakfast at First Watch. This is a chain, but we had never been, and it was incredible, so I thought it was worth noting. This maple bacon was an appetizer, and so good! 
 I had avocado toast (probably the best I've ever had) and Chris had a Chickichanga. Everything was very fresh and great tasting. Perfect spot for a quick breakfast!
 Back to the Buffett's! This time at Jimmy's Margaritaville. Definitely a tourist attraction, but the food was good. We shared an appetizer sampler,  and then a Cheeseburger in Paradise, because, how could you not!?

It's hard to tell but the view was really cool. You could view all of Harborwalk Village, and the ocean, from the window at our table. It was a nice experience. I had a tropical fruit margarita. I couldn't decide which fruit so they mixed them for me! 
Can you say giant!? It was really good, but I couldn't even finish my half of it. I wouldn't say it was the most amazing food, but it was good for sure, and a really good experience! 
 Fudpuckers! Let me start by saying this is definitely a place to come for the experience rather than the food. If you are wanting a fun spot to check out for dinner, the food is decent (my favorite were the hushpuppies) but it's not somewhere you'd go for an amazing meal. This is a place I'd go again if/when we have kids. I might just go for a drink and some appetizers after a day at the beach though. In the front of the restaurant they have live alligators. You can actually even go downstairs and purchase food to feed them from a fishing pole. 
 The newspaper looking photo is actually their menu, which I thought was a cute touch, and lots of the drinks came in buckets, which is fun, and they were good! Really though, I wouldn't come here unless you have kids! 
On our last day in Destin, we found the spot! Pompano Joe's! I loved everything about this place! 

 We had a variety of seafood, none of which I managed to take a picture of! Scallops, Mahi, Shrimp, Crab, and more! It was all soooo good! Also, the location of this spot is just perfect! Right on the beach. We actually probably could have walked here from our beach house and didn't even realize. We sat inside at a window, which I would highly recommend. None of our stuff was blowing off the table, and we weren't getting sunburned, but we were just as good as outside. 
 Our view was incredible, I should have taken more pictures of it!
These last two spots were just spots we drank at, so I cant vouch for food, but I thought they were worth mentioning! 
 One of the other girls and I went to The Beach House one day. It was right on the water, and we sat under a nice umbrella and enjoyed some drinks. A nice spot to relax when you need a little break from the beach. 
Aj's is apparently world famous for their oysters and other seafood. At night it turns in to a club upstairs. We went here after the wedding was over to keep the party going, and we had a blast. The music was good, there was a ton of good people watching, and the drinks were nothing special, but good. This is a great spot if you're looking for a little night life while you're in town!
 On our way home we made one last stop in Pensacola, at Joe Patti's. This is a seafood market, where we picked up some good seafood to bring home. Next time we might stop here on our way in to Destin so we can cook some of our own seafood during the week! 

I still have a few places on my list to try next time we are in town, but we made a pretty good dent with this trip! 

Have you tried any of these spots!? 
Where is your favorite place to eat in Destin!?

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Destin: Part 1

Today I'm sharing all about our trip to Destin! First, you should know, we had never been there before, and secondly, you should know it is now in the top two of favorite places I've ever been. In my heart it's tied with Telluride, Colorado, which is obviously somewhere that is in no way similar, (I just love both places) but enough about that! Our good friends decided to have a destination wedding on the beach in Destin, and we attended, and stayed at a beach house with the wedding party. This spot wasn't high on my vacation spot wish list, especially since we we're just in Mexico at the beach less than six months ago, so thanks to Eric and Amanda, for giving us a reason to go! From the moment we pulled in to town, I was completely in love. We stayed in a beach house on Mirmar Beach, in an area where the beach was "reserved" for us and a few other houses, so it was pretty empty. The sand was a soft, cool, and beautiful white. Pictures and videos can't even capture the beauty of the beaches there, but that didn't stop me from trying. We enjoyed this little spot so much, and I am already daydreaming of going back just the two of us, and going back with our future babies in tow. This is the kind of place you want to visit every year, forever. Today I'll share some of the beach, and the wedding Chris was a groomsman in, and I'm going to share all the fun places we ate in another post coming soon! (Because there are a lot!)

We got in to town before we were able to check in to the beach house, so Lulu's was our first stop! I was obviously super happy to be in Florida! 
(More on this in part 2!)
We checked in to the beautiful beach house (photo via ocean reef resorts) and of course we quickly dropped our things and headed for a look at the beach!
 This sand, this water, this view! These photos don't really even do it justice, but they instantly take me back to how perfect it was! Do you see how white that sand is!? It was cool, and soft, and it put every beach I've ever been to, to shame! 
I attempted to capture how clear the water was. You could walk out so far, and still see straight through it!
 That evening we had the welcome/rehearsal dinner at the beach house!
 The next morning we couldn't find a local gym that was even somewhat affordable, so we hit the beach for a run. We were basically the only ones out on the beach and it was so nice!
 Because (of course) Chris left something he needed for the wedding at home, we ventured out to Bass Pro Shop. We have one of these at home, so it was nothing new for us, but the giant shark made for a cool photo.
 These boys! 
 Eric and Chris have been friends for 7 or 8 years, and in the early years of us dating, we were definitely the three amigos! He was a groomsman at our wedding, and Chris was happy to be one at his. 
 Is this not the most gorgeous spot for a wedding!? 

This is the moment, I put the phone down, and enjoyed the night with my husband and friends! The next three days were spent mostly in the pool, really only getting out to go eat! Part 2 will include all the good eats! 
Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May Goals

Happy May! 
I can't believe summer is almost here. We have been so busy over here, and time is flying! A quick look back at April, and then on to May's goals.

April Goals

Weekend trip to Corpus!
We had a blast! you can read my recap post here!

Prep for two upcoming weddings!
Chris is a groomsman in both, and I'm a bridesmaid in one!
We celebrated on of these weddings this past weekend, and tomorrow we head back to Texas, for the second one (this weekend!) 

Five days in Florida!
We are currently lounging in Florida, but are heading back home to Texas tomorrow. I'll be recapping this trip sometime next week, but we are having a BLAST!

April was so busy and so much fun, but now, on to the next!

May Goals

Celebrate Zach and Lea as they say "I do"

Lynard Skynard in concert

Celebrate my beautiful Mama on Mother's Day

Framily dinner at Joe T Garcia's! 

Justin Timberlake Concert!!!

Finish going through closet and dressers and donate!

We have so much fun coming our way, and so much going on this month. 
What are your goals this month!?